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"No, I don’t believe it’s true." Wei Xihong looked up and glared at Jiyun with stubborn eyes.

"Then you have a look at this." Jiyun took out the old one from the table and took out a yellow photo.
"This is a photo of your father and I when we got married. Compare it and see if it is your father." Jiyun pointed to the photo and said.
Wei Xi took the photo trembling, and it was true that the man in the photo was his father. At this time, the father and the tall man in the photo were the same in terms of hair style and outline, but the pixels of this wedding photo were much clearer, and the general appearance could be distinguished.
"What can this say? It can be said that my father and Xiaomi’s mother know each other." Wei Xi said some self-deception.
"What makes you guess that this man is your father just now?" Jiyun cocked his head and asked.
"That that" Wei Xi faltered.
"You must have found something, didn’t you?" Jiyun sneered.
"I just wondered why Xiaomi had the key to the old house at first. I thought so when I first saw the photo, but I didn’t think it would be so coincidental that I ignored it until I heard your story today." Wei Xi bowed his head and murmured.
"That house was given to your father by your grandfather. At that time, all the property of your grandfather was gone. I think that key was given to Xiaomi’s mother by your father at that time." Jiyun said with some sadness.
"So my father and Xiaomi’s mother really loved that. My father left and never came back." Wei Xi asked nervously with his hands clenched.
桑拿按摩"At that time, as soon as we got back to the city, we received a notice from home that all our families had gone to Taiwan Province and overseas from Taiwan Province. At that time, your father was worried that your grandfather was ill and could not go to Taiwan Province first. I think he must want to have a chance to come back then." Jiyun said with a sigh.
"What didn’t come back?" Wei Xi then asked.
"Later, it was not so easy to come back when I was nervous. Later, our family went to the United States and broke off contact with the country. Later, your father secretly came back to find them. Although I knew it, I didn’t stop it." Ji Yun couldn’t help but think of his painful marriage.
"No wonder when I was a child, I often saw my father always running outside and rarely saw his home." Wei Xi was only white at this time. Why could he never see his father when he was a child?
"Maybe your father doesn’t want to see me. I know he always hates me. After all, I took him away from Wang Yali." Jiyun said with a pain in her chest.
"You can’t be completely blamed" Wei Xi’s novel said.
"But after all, I broke them up, but I really didn’t know that Yali was pregnant at that time. If I had known, I wouldn’t have taken your father away. As a result, none of us got happiness in the end," said Ji Yun, clutching his chest.
"Mom, I’m sorry I misunderstood you before. I didn’t expect you to suffer so much silently for so many years. Haochen and I didn’t understand you. I’m so sorry." Seeing such weakness, Ji Yun and Wei Xi couldn’t help but sympathize.
"I don’t blame you for paying too much attention to work at ordinary times. We don’t have much communication with you. We are naturally rusty." Jiyun stroked Wei Xi’s hair and said.
"It must be very painful to live with someone who doesn’t love themselves." Wei Xi looked at Jiyun with some love.
"Nothing has passed, but what are you going to do with Xiaomi?" Jiyun asked, holding Wei Xi’s trembling shoulders.
"I don’t know if Mom Xiaomi is really my father’s child. She is really me." Wei Xi painfully closed his eyes and said no more.
"If yes, I think she should be your sister." Jiyun said with a sigh.
"But I still can’t accept how this happened. How could God do this to us?" Wei Xi’s knuckles were slightly white.
"I know this result is hard for you to accept, but judging from Wang Yali’s words and Gu Xiaomi’s date of birth, I think she is really your father’s daughter and indeed you and Hao Chen’s sister," Ji Yun said in a low voice.
"That means we have to be apart and never be together." Wei Xi couldn’t stop crying.
"This is fate." Jiyun patted Wei Xi’s back and comforted him.
"Mom, how should I face Xiaomi and all this?" Wei Xi cried.
"I can understand your mood, and it will be awkward for you to meet again. Why don’t you leave for a while and calm down? I will solve everything when I think about it." Ji Yun said with eyebrows.
"You mean let me leave" Wei Xi repeated some unwilling.
"This is the best solution at present, isn’t it?" Jiyun got up and asked.
"Then what are you going to do? Tell her that we are brothers and sisters in front of Xiaomi. Isn’t this more harmful to her?" Jiyun bowed his head to Wei Xi and said.
"But but I can’t just leave her without saying a word," Wei Xi stubbornly raised his head and held back his tears.
"I think it’s the best way for you to leave at this time, but if you are brave enough to tell her the truth face to face, you can do that," said Ji Yun, turning his back to Wei Xi.
"I don’t have the courage." Wei Xi put his hands into his hair and buried his face in his knees in pain.
"Listen to your mother and leave for a while, just when the American branch is in need of manpower, you go over there and calm down. I’ll take care of things here. When things calm down, you can come back and things will always be solved, but if you are here, I think both of you will be very painful." Ji Yun handed the handkerchief to Wei Xi and said.
"I think Xiaomi will be more sad," Wei Xi said, clutching his handkerchief.
"The pain is certain, but things have happened, so we have to minimize the damage, don’t we?" Jiyun looked at Wei Xi and said.
"I hope Xiaomi can recover soon and she won’t be hurt too badly," Wei Xi said lovingly.
"Don’t worry, I will tell her that she is so strong and I think she will be fine soon."
"Then when shall I go?" Wei Xi summoned up the courage to look at Jiyun and said.
"At any time, if you want to leave, I can get people ready." Jiyun was a little happy and said.
"Well, then I’ll leave tonight," Wei Xiding said with determination.
"It’s all right if you both need it. It will be more painful if you talk face to face now. I’ll arrange it for you to tidy up, too." Say Jiyun took the words and went out
Wei Xili leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes with his hands on his temples in pain.
"Xiaomi, I’m sorry, I don’t have the courage to face you now. I have to escape. I hope we can meet again with a smile." Wei Xi prayed silently in his heart.
"Hao Chen, where are you?" Wei Xi took out his pocket and said.
"I sent Zhang Ting home. What’s wrong with you?" Wei Haochen recognized the pain in Wei Xiyin.
"Nothing. I have something to please you. I’ll wait for you at home." Before Wei Haochen could answer Wei Xi, he hung up and continued to collapse the sofa.