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It was such a trivial matter when a woman spoke. The colder Jiang Jun scoffed at a "no", the more she hung up, and then put it in a mute state, regardless of whether she played or not. He just ignored a puppy and lost it.

"Jiang Qing Qing … Jiang Qing Qing …" Lan Jingyi shouted desperately but there was already a dead end.
Lan Jingyi called again, but no matter how she called, she didn’t answer there.
Angry as soon as she threw it, she rushed into the bedroom in her little bear pajamas and lay sprawled in the only bed in this small apartment. She wanted to call Luo, but she didn’t have the macho number to go out. The woman outside the door made her unable to get out.
Lying thinking about whether I didn’t sleep well last night or took a shower, my body was too easy to relax and make people sleepy. Lan Jingyi fell asleep when she was lying down.
Half an hour later, Jiang LaCrosse appeared at the door of the small apartment. He Ling was annoyed to play against the wall. Recently, she was addicted to lianliankan. When she heard the footsteps, she raised her head and looked at the handsome son there. "Wait for me for half a minute. I’ll talk it over with the two of us." Then she bowed her head and began to liankan.
Jiang Junyue glanced at the stupid game step by step and snatched it from He Ling’s hand. "Mom, go home. Dad will know that you are playing games here, or he will break your life."
"I’m not afraid he’ll break it. I have a son anyway."
"Go back" Jiang Junyue grabbed He Ling’s arm and went to the ladder. He didn’t want He Ling to see Lan Jingyi. He never wanted He Ling to see her before he decided how to deal with the woman.
"Son heard that a woman into this small apartment? Is that woman back? " He Ling struggled. She’s too difficult to tame. Mom can be rough.
"Yes" Jiang Junyue didn’t even think about it. She should come here directly. Naturally, she knew that a woman had come in, otherwise she wouldn’t have come to see him in this small apartment.
"Is smelly little that woman after all?" He Ling was a little nervous, and her voice trembled. It must be something for a woman to bring Jiang Junyue to this small apartment. He hasn’t been here for a long time, and she hasn’t come either. But in recent years, she has been sending someone to guard this small apartment. There is a slight trouble, and that person will immediately report to her. She didn’t believe it when she heard the words early in the morning, but now she has personally admitted that it is true.
"No, mom, you go back first." Holding He Ling’s arm with one hand and pressing the ladder button with the other, why didn’t it take so long for the ladder to arrive? Jiang Junyue really wanted to smash the ladder here.
Seeing her make a determined effort to let her go, He Ling didn’t want to. She just bowed her head and bit her shoulder. "Ah …" Jiang Junyue was livid. "Mom, when did you change to a dog?"
He Ling just loosened her teeth. "Smelly little boy, your father has an affair every day and tortured me. Now I just want to be worried about my future daughter-in-law."
"Mom didn’t write a word. What daughter-in-law doesn’t daughter-in-law go back?"
"I can’t. I want to see life, people die and bodies."
What’s all this about? "Mom, it’s just a woman who takes part in accidental amusement."
"I don’t care what woman she is, I’m going to meet her tonight anyway." He Ling made a fool of herself and never left until she saw the woman in the small apartment.
"Take a look?" Jiang Junyue frowned. What’s mom’s temper? Others don’t know that he is quite clear. He will never stop until he reaches the goal. Today, if he can’t see the sky, he will definitely try his best to meet Lan Jingyi.
"Well, a glance" She Ling came to her senses and her eyes were shining.
"Ok, I’ll take you there as soon as you promise."
"It’s best to be good." Listen, the son promised He Ling and jumped up happily. Then he got excited and kissed Jiang Junyue on the face and even printed saliva.
Jiang Junyue stretched out his hand and put on a "Mom, I’m not three years old, I’m almost thirty years old."
"All right, mom, I know. Let’s go and take me to have a look."
So Jiang Junyue opened the door and put his lips on his mother’s ear. "She’s asleep."
With my mother, I crept in the direction of the bedroom. The smelly girl was obedient. The room was really quiet. It was really white. I went to bed. I just don’t know if I fell asleep. I’d better lie down for him and get him out of trouble.
But as soon as the door of the living room rang, Lan Jingyi jumped up in the bedroom. Although she was asleep, her nerves had been strained because the woman outside the door heard a shallow sleep. She immediately woke up and jumped out of bed in her pajamas, and she was scared and stung to the door.
Is the door handle moving by that woman or by a small tilt?
Lan Jingyi felt that her heart was in her throat, and when she moved her bare feet, she flashed to the side of the door. No, she can’t be found by that woman. If she is slightly inclined, the female gold owner knows that she gave her fruit island foam. She has no money and no potential. She must fight that woman.
The door opened.
He Ling went in like a loach. "Mom …" Jiang Junyue rushed to hold He Ling with a step. At this moment, Lan Jingyi rushed out of the bedroom behind them, rushed through the living room, opened the door and went out in pajamas.
"Son ran away" When two people reacted, Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the ladder just like flying, and Lan Jingyi panicked in her pajamas and quickly ran out of the apartment building.
It was late at night outside the building, and the wind blew her all over the street lamp, only to find that she had no money to go in her pajamas and bare feet.
After chasing the door, I can’t see the blue scene. Yi Jiang LaCrosse stopped. Two women, one is mom and the other is Lan Jingyi, have to solve it one by one. "Mom has seen it for several times and people have been scared away by you. Now you should go?" Leaning against the lintel "Actually, she’s just looking for a fertility tool. College students are beautiful and suitable for generations. Haven’t you always wanted to have grandchildren? I’ll let her give birth to one for you to play with. Anyway, you don’t want to force me to get married. "Jiang Junyue didn’t good the spirit said that being forced to get married every day forced him to hide from his mother as far as he can now.
"Is it fun?"
"Well, otherwise, I would have brought it back to my mother fair and square. I can’t see the countertop. The woman’s mother won’t like the bed warming tool when she sees it." I said that this was a tall figure. "Mom doesn’t want to go? Why don’t you sleep well with your son tonight? "
"Who wants to sleep with you? It’s no big deal." He Ling poked her. No matter what he said or did, she looked pleasing to the eye. Sure enough, it was her own good.
"If you don’t go, it’s a bed. Naturally, it’s mom. You want to sleep with me."
"Roll" gave Heling a hard push before turning around. "Come on, I won’t bother you. If you really give me a grandson or a mother to make you a cow or a horse …" The rambling sound finally drifted away. Jiang Junyue breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to the restaurant table with four dishes and one soup. It was not particularly rich, but it was very warm to watch him walk over there. Suddenly, he felt a sense of home in his heart. Only then did he realize that the woman had been out for a while and grabbed it and walked out. She ran away.
In her pajamas, she was still barefoot, and the blue scene, Yi Nai, flashed to the green belt of the community after a bush. Although it was already dark at this time, there were not many wandering people in the community, but she didn’t have the habit of running around in her pajamas. Her eyes were fixed on the entrance of the building, but her head was extremely impure. The scene of the lady kissing a little tilt made her feel a little sick.
I was imagining that the woman came out.
Section 12
Lan Jingyi opened his eyes wide. This is too fast. It’s hard to last.
No, how could she think that? He hit Mi Chun by mistake that night, but he was very fierce to himself.
Thinking back, her face suddenly swelled and burned. What’s wrong with her? She looks like a lovesick dissatisfied housewife.
He’s not her either.
Hurriedly take back your thoughts, but the hot feeling is sad to the soles of your feet, but it hurts a bit, which means that Lan Jingyi quickly turned her body and pointed her bare feet at the street lamp not far away. When she bowed her head and looked at her feet, Jiang Junyue at the entrance of the building quickly flashed out and walked along the residential road, but she couldn’t see the stupid woman while walking around.
品茶论坛Chapter 33 Hate to tooth itch
Stupid and stupid, he only knows how to get him into trouble.
Let’s kick her out before it’s too late. Why should he take her in? Why should I care if she lives or dies?
But when I want to return to my legs, I can’t help moving forward, and my eyes can’t help looking for the figure of that woman everywhere. He is possessed by her.
Lan Jingyi’s foot was pricked by broken glass, which is the consequence of walking barefoot. She swore that even if something big happened, she wouldn’t run out barefoot.
It really hurts
The man left whether she was alive or dead, and he didn’t come out to look for her.
She sighed sadly-she might as well go if he didn’t come. She has all her belongings and is wearing pajamas. She has no choice but to go back.
Jumping on one foot like a rabbit, she jumped into the lobby of the building. She took out a bigger piece of glass from her foot. It should still be a small place. At this moment, the pain will continue, but I don’t know how it feels when I see the wound. Somehow, the pain is particularly painful.
Press the ladder to go in and jump, and soon I got to the door. Looking at the tight door, I thought that the man hated himself regardless of her.
Bend over to touch the key. She doesn’t want to see him when she opens the door. She wishes she would never see him again in her life.