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Grandpa came straight to the point and told me about Chu. "After Fei Peng’s death, the post of general manager of Chu’s ship was held. I hope you can take this position."

I couldn’t help being stuck.
I never thought grandpa’s first sentence was this …
But can I win?
That’s the general manager of Chu’s ship, who has to bear the livelihood and future of thousands of employees.
Although I followed up the lawsuit some time ago and had a certain understanding of Chu’s ship, I did the main thing or Ye Wen did it.
There is a qualitative difference between the two.
The general manager needs to create profit and value, to steer the whole company, and to bear many responsibilities …
Grandpa looked at me and said, "I know it’s better to let you rest now that children are getting older and older … but I can’t find anyone …" He sighed, "When I started this matter with Ayuan, Ayuan was against him. I hope you can have a good rest at home and take care of yourself and your children."
I think that Ye Xiangyuan did express such a meaning when he was video-chatting with him last night, and my heart was a little warm and moved.
Grandpa wry smile way "he rarely and I stubborn once, I really know it’s too difficult for you … but I thought for a night and decided to talk to you … I don’t want you to promise, I hope you can think about it."
Seeing grandpa talking to me in such a tone, I couldn’t wait to promise him at once.
I have always been in good health, and the baby is getting healthier and healthier. This is not a problem.
The main reason is that I have no experience. I’m afraid I can’t afford my grandpa’s letter …
Grandpa seemed to see my doubts, "Without anyone to help you, I will borrow a little news from Ayuan. My main consideration is that it is reasonable for you to hold a 10% stake in Chu’s Shipping Company as the general manager, and I am not afraid that everyone will not believe it."
I see
It is true that when Ye Xiangyuan signed an agreement, he wrote to me that 10% of Chu’s Huaxia branch is all branches, including Chu’s ship.
I suddenly realized how much Ye Xiangyuan had given me.
Chushi Huaxia Industry is not just a shipping company. How much is a ten percent stake …
Although I gave it to Ye Xiangyuan for help, I didn’t go to see the dividend, but now there must be a lot of money.
I was shocked and sighed in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan gave me far more than I expected.
I’m more willing to help grandpa when I think that Chu’s boat is also my industry
Besides, grandpa is in poor health. After Chu Feipeng died, grandpa couldn’t find the right person to pick him up, and he would definitely array himself … During this period, I often saw him handling documents in his room …
But I still have concerns.
I know for myself that if I were to teach children, I would, but employees are not students …
So I didn’t immediately agree, but said, "Grandpa, can I think about it?"
Grandpa didn’t force me
He said warmly, "There is no burden. You can talk to me if you have any concerns. I will continue to talk about him … in his heart, you can win this position. If you are not pregnant, I think he should agree."
Does Ye Xiangyuan recognize my ability like this?
I can’t help wondering.
Grandpa smiled and said, "You are far better than you want, otherwise I won’t give you the company. You know that the company is not playing with tickets, and it has to be handed over to the right people."
The more I stare blankly, the more I’m an ordinary girl, and I’m not born too high, and I don’t have that broad knowledge and experience …
Grandpa said, "You are very kind and good-tempered, but you are not a weak character. Yesterday, your performance surprised me. You are very calm and fearless … ordinary people can’t be as good as you … You are very suitable for management."
Listen, grandpa praised me like this, and I couldn’t help blushing
This exaggerates my physical advantages, but I am still very happy to get grandpa’s approval, which makes me feel that I may not be so bad, at least I have more qualifications to be around Ye Xiangyuan.
I hesitate to ask again and decide to ask Ye Xiangyuan’s opinion.
I video with him again in the evening to analyze my thoughts to him.
After listening, he was silent for a long time before judo. "If you want to try, try it and I will support you."
My eyes swelled inexplicably for a long time before I choked, "I won’t try to be brave. Don’t worry, I know that children are the most important."
He smiled gently "good"
I have tears in my eyes, but I think I should be laughing happily.
Of course, I am not confident with him. If I can prove myself more qualified to stand by him through this incident, I am very willing.
Section 233
It was the next day before I told my grandfather that I had decided to find Chen Shu.
At the end of the first trial, Chen Shu said that he wanted to talk to me.
I also wanted to see him, but I was too busy to remember Chu Feipeng afterwards.
I didn’t expect him to find it.
On the contrary, it made me wary. According to reason, it was the winner. He didn’t pay any attention to me, but even worse, he took the initiative to come.
Chapter 255 One day I will divorce Ye Er Shao.
I thought about it and asked him to come in.
Then I asked the servant if he had seen Miss Gu.
I didn’t see her when I came out of the room. I thought I wanted to see Chen Shu now, and I was afraid that she would think more and tell her easily.
The servant said that she went back to her room to rest, while Gu Changning took people out.
I can’t help smiling bitterly.
I was concerned about being accused by their brothers and sisters before, and I was conscious of them.
See Chen Shu in my room
As soon as he came in, he smiled and said, "I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but you haven’t contacted me so that I can find the door myself."
spa会所Yang Fei and bodyguards are behind me, but I’m not afraid of his tricks.
But I didn’t expect him to say such ambiguous words as soon as he opened his mouth, which made me feel uncomfortable.
I frowned and said bluntly, "Mr. Chen, please sit down. I don’t know what you want to see me about?"
Chen Shu smiled and looked at me naturally. "I just want to meet you."
I sneer at "if Chen doesn’t respect me, I don’t think we need to talk about it." I turn to Yang Fei to "see Fujian."
Chen Shu smiled naively with a wave. "Okay, let me get down to business. I’m here today to tell you that I can let Chu go, but I have one condition."
I paused and immediately motioned for Yang Fei to stop.
Sure enough, finding a door must be something big.
Even after winning the first trial, he was willing to make a deal with me and didn’t know what he really wanted.
He wanted to trade Ye Sanye for Ye Sanye, but Ye Sanye died.