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ChuYan leave her tone mocking light way "go after work now"

Said and gave her a look, "Miss Bai, be busy slowly, I’ll go first." Say and pass her directly without giving Bai Jing a chance to speak.
"You" Bai Jing at ChuYan this attitude fire emit three zhangs not to suddenly think of what eyes suddenly flashed a few silk disdain her cold way "I see you how crazy in a few days"
Chu Yan went outside the company and saw a blue Lamborghini. She knew it was Mo Chengkun’s car at a glance.
She is used to Mo Chengkun changing a luxury car at two ends every three days.
Go to the back seat of the car and open the door. Mo Chengkun was inside.
Mo Chengkun has been waiting for some impatience. Seeing ChuYan glance at her, she looks bad. "How come?"
Chuyan knew with a sigh in his heart.
Face faint "just met someone and talked for a while"
Mo Chengkun turned his head and didn’t answer directly "car"
Chuyan hesitated for a moment or gritted her teeth.
She is always awake in her heart. Now you are pretending to be Mo Chengkun, a psycho girlfriend.
It’s much more relaxing to think like this.
Mo Chengkun told the driver to drive as soon as he left the car, as if he were going to fly.
Chuyan’s face turned white, and his hands clutched the cushion tightly and said, "Can you slow down?" This is an urban area, but is he racing at such a speed?
Mo Chengkun glanced at her "rare and strange"
Some people don’t know that Bai Chuyan is a daughter of a rich family. How can she sometimes be like a small family lady?
Of course he doesn’t. These things are not places.
Which girl is not afraid of racing?
桑拿会所Chuyan is used to it slowly, and she also knows that sports cars like this are generally faster, which is not bad.
Quiet, there is some silence in the car.
The driver took a sneak look at Mo Chengkun while driving silently.
See his hand on the forehead brow is slightly wrinkled a bad mood.
After thinking for a while, she couldn’t help but ask, "Where are we going?"
Mo Chengkun did not answer.
ChuYan sobbed corners of the mouth knew it would be like this.
"A ball"
But after a while, there was a sound beside me.
Chuyan slightly stunned to see him, and she was too lazy to dispute with him when she saw that he was still indifferent.
Chuyan is casually dressed, so it is impossible to go to the dance.
Mo Chengkun took Chu Yan to a world-class famous store and chose a purple-blue long skirt for her. It was very demure and the color matched Chu Yan’s temperament.
This water blue dress is a tube top style. Chu Yan’s long waist hair hangs freely, her shoulders are soft and her waist is unbearable. It is good to hold her figure in proportion. She is more tall and noble.
Mo Chengkun’s eyes flashed a strange emotion when he looked at her, but soon sank into his eyes.
He nodded a faint well.
ChuYan this just look at him, he would have changed a straight suit.