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Anchen was scolded by a face of koo, and they talked before going to bed last night. At that time, she still got to the company early, so he called her and called her company landline to know that she didn’t go to work and finally sent Yunqianxue here, so she was scolded by the doctor. If anyone dares to talk to Chen less like this at ordinary times, Chen less will definitely make him prostrate, but now he is nervous and Yunqianxue is not concerned about his health.

Cao Chunlan just wanted to explain a few words to An Chen when she heard An Chen eagerly tunnel, "What should I do now, doctor?"
Cao Chunlan didn’t expect a gentleman in Anchen not to scold the doctor, so he didn’t care how nervous he was that his daughter would be willing to bear the doctor’s scolding. Suddenly, she had a better impression of Anchen.
"The horse will give her infusion and add physical cooling to let the patient’s temperature drop as soon as possible." Although the doctor scolded Anchen, he didn’t stop brushing all kinds of inspection sheets. He will open a stack of sheets and hand them to Anchen. "Take it here. We’ll give the patient infusion first. Then you can bring the handed-in sheets."
AnChen dare not neglect looking at Cao Chunlan way "aunt you look after me here first to pay"
Anchen said without waiting for Cao Chunlan’s response, she quickly ran to the collection. Cao Chunlan looked at him in a hurry and his eyes were peaceful.
After a while, Anchen paid it back. At this time, Yunqianxue was already lying in bed and infusion. She was still asleep because she had been burning for too long.
Anchen walked over and sat beside her. He held her hand and gently stroked her hair. "You silly woman didn’t know that she had a fever, and she didn’t know that she was calling for help. It seems that she still can’t take care of herself. I have to marry you and take good care of you."
Cao Chunlan, who just went out to call Yunhao, came in and just heard the last sentence of Anchen.
She had mixed feelings for a moment, and she didn’t know whether Anchen’s family would allow him to associate with his daughter. Is it really that easy for him to marry his own daughter?
Anchen saw Cao Chunlan come in and quickly moved a chair to her side to do judo "Auntie, sit down".
"Ah, nothing, you’re welcome." Cao Chunlan hurriedly said.
Anchen moved the chair for Cao Chunlan and went back to the bedside to sit and continue to hold Yun Qianxue’s hand and stare at her.
When Cao Chunlan looked at his daughter, his eyes were gentle and distressed, and he couldn’t help but feel gratified. She could see that Anchen really liked her daughter.
She looked at the bed and silently said, "Cher, I hope you are luckier than your mother. Don’t eat what your mother has suffered."
Cao Chunlan’s words from the bottom of my heart, Yun Qianxue, naturally won’t know that she is asleep in the ward. At this moment, it is particularly quiet. When the infusion bottle drops, it makes a few inaudible noises.
"Mr. An, don’t you have to work? Why don’t you go back to class cher with me? It’s okay to look after it. "Cao Chunlan saw Anchen’s ward for a long time and couldn’t help but wake up.
Anchen looked at Cao Chunlan and smiled. "Aunt, you can directly call me Anchen. It’s too strange to call Mr. An. Things in my class are not in a hurry. I will stay here with her if I lose two days."
Cao Chunlan secretly nodded at Anchen’s words, but after all, she was a reasonable person and didn’t want Anchen to delay work because of taking care of Yunqianxue. Then she advised Anchen a few words, but Anchen didn’t listen to the advice and wanted to stay and take care of Yunqianxue, so she simply stopped persuading him.
Cao Chunlan stayed in the ward with Anchen. Cao Chunlan broke the silence and kept looking for words to chat with Anchen. Naturally, she talked about Anchen’s family situation.
Anchen reported his family situation to Cao Chunlan in detail. Cao Chunlan heard that his family has parents and a brother. The population is not very complicated, and his anxiety has dissipated slightly.
When Yunhao came in, he just heard Cao Chunlan and An Chen sitting together chatting. His mouth couldn’t help but evoke a smile. An Chen always gave him the first impression that he was satisfied, but he didn’t show it.
Anchen saw him come in and hurriedly got up to say hello to him. He nodded faintly, and his attitude was very cold. Anchen drummed in his heart. He didn’t know whether Yunhao was dissatisfied with him. He didn’t expect to see Yunhao and Cao Chunlan today. He didn’t prepare anything, and he didn’t know whether Yunhao blamed him for not knowing manners.
At this moment, I was as confident as Chen. He looked at Yunhao and explained, "Uncle, I’m so sorry. I’m so worried about Qianxue that I suddenly took the liberty to be rude."
Yun Hao didn’t say what a faint tunnel "I understand"
Yun Hao seems to talk very little. He doesn’t seem to want to talk to Anchen, and Cao Chunlan is already very satisfied with Anchen. When she sees her husband’s indifference, she can’t help frowning.
Cao Chunlan winked at Yunhao 1 vigorously. Yunhao pretended not to see it. He looked at Anchen lightly and said, "Mr. An, you should go back to busy with you first. Cher, we can take care of it. You have a lot of work to do here."
An Chen’s brain is full of black lines. He is the emperor? However, although he was extremely vocal in his heart, he didn’t dare to show dissatisfaction. He smiled and said, "Uncle, you can call me Anchen and I think taking care of Qianxue is one hundred times more important than my business."
桑拿论坛  title=Yun Hao snorted, "Your mouth is quite oily."
Anchen was embarrassed and suddenly didn’t know how to answer.
Cao Chunlan couldn’t listen to pull her husband and walked out to the corridor. She glared at her husband and angered, "Yun Hao, what’s the matter with you? It’s okay. Why are you targeting An Chen? Where did he offend you? "
"Don’t you offend me if he wants to rob my daughter?" Yunhao spoke without any reason.
Cao Chunlan immediately nu "you this old thing crazy, what do you mean to rob your daughter? Feelings You want your daughter to become an old aunt, don’t you? So you don’t love snow at all … "
Yunhao hurriedly covered her mouth and wouldn’t let her say the words behind her. He whispered, "What can I say that I don’t love Cher? I just tested that he is not dissatisfied with him."
"Test?" Cao Chunlan leng one.
Yunhao nodded. "Well, yes, I’d like to see him. How much can our daughter endure?"