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I smiled at her.

Ye Xiangze is her son who was pitted by Ye Xiangyuan. She doesn’t hate it.
The more she hates, the more she proves that she and Li can, and I naturally won’t rest assured.
Chapter 97 gossip
Sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are still watching video in the hall, which is a little loud. They should not have heard anything in the kitchen.
I immediately rest assured.
Xiaojin is too young. I don’t want him to be exposed to these conflicts.
I walked up to Xiao Jin and picked him up. He smiled and asked, "Is the animation good?"
Xiao Jin hugged my neck intimately. "Hmm!"
My sister-in-law and I looked at each other tacitly and turned our eyes away.
She has been pretending to be a mentally ill person, but Ye Xiangyuan said that she would find a chance to pretend to be a mentally ill person, and when she got better, she would take Xiaojin with her to help me cope with Ye’s family, which would also reduce my burden.
I sat for a while and asked my sister-in-law, "I want to take Xiaojin out for a walk. Does sister-in-law want to come with me?"
There are two female guards behind the eldest sister-in-law. This is what Ye Li asked to take care of her. It must also mean surveillance.
I’m not shy about asking directly.
Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to understand my words, her eyes are straight and she ignores me at all
I knew that she was acting, so I patiently explained, "Xiaojin’s kindergarten I want to go to the community and let him study here if it is suitable."
Sister-in-law suddenly snatched Xiao Jin from my arms as if she had been stimulated. "My son!"
I was so frightened that I was even more afraid that Xiaojin would be frightened and went to see him at once.
Good little Jin is a good boy holding his mother’s arm and comforting me in turn. "It’s okay, aunt and mother. She often does this …"
I looked at my sister-in-law naively.
Although I know she won’t hurt Xiaojin, I still feel a little shocked by this scene just now.
spa会所I quickly took Xiaojin back and sighed, "Sister-in-law, don’t scare the children."
Sister-in-law seems to be angry and twisted into a ball and grinned at me.
I "…"
The female guards behind her are eyeing up. They must be worried that I will stimulate the eldest sister-in-law.
As far as I was concerned, Li Qingqing came along when I was thinking about how to let them relax their vigilance.
Section 91
She smiled contemptuously. "Reasoning with madness, I think you are not far from madness."
I sneered, "You know very well who drove my eldest sister-in-law crazy, so I’m curious. Are you so evil that you are not afraid of retribution?"
Li Qingqing cold face eyes narrowed slightly cling to me.
I smiled and laughed. "If you do too much, you will not only knock at the door in the middle of the night, but also be in the tenth floor of hell after death …"
She suddenly smashed her hand into my face. "Shut up! Bitch, don’t you dare to be presumptuous in front of me when you marry Ye Xiangyuan! "
Fortunately, I dodged when I was away, but tea splashed on me and Xiaojin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s face judo. "Don’t be afraid that mom and aunt will protect you. After she is a bad person, Xiao Jin has to avoid seeing her, remember?"
Xiaojin nodded and his face was particularly serious.
Actually, I don’t want to have a conflict with Li Qingqing in front of Xiao Jin. I’m afraid he will be affected.
However, Ye Xiangyuan’s cultivation of Xiaojin as an heir seems to be intended to let Xiaojin know about a generation of grievances.
I can’t help sighing when I think of Ye Xiangyuan’s blood feud when I was very young.
Maybe Xiao Jin will be less dangerous after early contact.
In case something happens to Ye Xiangyuan, revenge will definitely be transferred to Xiao Jin, who must grow up and become strong.
I love Xiao Jin, but I have to let him face it alone.
Besides, I can secretly pray that Ye Xiangyuan can win the final victory, so that all love and hate will end, and this generation will not let Xiaojin suffer those hardships.
Li Qingqing’s ferocious face seems to be going to eat me.
But this time she chastened and didn’t rush over to start work on me. After all, Ye Li is still at home and it’s not good to make trouble.
She stared at me darkly for a long time and then left.
I watched her downstairs and then looked at the two female guards behind my sister-in-law and asked her again, "Do you want to go out with us?"
Sister-in-law cocked her head at me.
I hold Xiao Jin and go out.
She followed.
The two female guards behind him followed suit.
I went back to see my sister-in-law
Her eyes are not too white. What am I going to do? Follow us consciously.
I smiled and let her follow me.
Just walked to the yard Pan Dong ushered in with two young people.
He first looked at Lv Nian and respectfully called "Sister-in-law"
Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to have heard her head bowed and studied her own fingers.