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"Ding Yi, what on earth are you doing this?"

She really knows that he does things more or less, but Gao Shenran doesn’t love him, and he always pulls out these urgent people to complicate things. What good can it do him?
She doesn’t understand, and she doesn’t want to watch him do these things that undermine the market balance. It’s not impossible that a group of people will be offended even if they are quietly disposed of.
Ding Yi squinted at the words, "My brother Yue has always been very clear about what I want."
Gossip tone seems to have a little coquetry, which makes Qujing ask for a moment to extinguish the fire and leave a full heart.
Qujing asked heavily exhaling, "Give it up, Gao Shenran and Meng Qingzhuo. They have decided that there is nothing for you in each other."
A sentence that is too straightforward and true suddenly makes Ding Yiyan change several colors.
Qujing asked that this was cruel to Ding Yi, but she had to tear it apart and force him to pull out as soon as possible. She could not continue to be soft-hearted about his feelings for Gao Shenran.
Ding Yi’s sunny face is full, and he doesn’t match the gloom
He said cruelly, "Jing Yue and you both decided that there was nothing missing from each other, but he appeared differently."
Qujing asked Qiao face a change of anger and lip "Ding Yi"
What happened between her and Jing Yue was that God made them jealous and let them live and die. Yin and Yang separated each other. He said this now to hope that Gao Shenran and Meng Qingzhuo would die.
Obviously, the answer must not be Gao Shenran.
What’s more, he was admitted to the hospital because her fist was really slightly concussed. She just went there for about half an hour yesterday. What did he mean by taking him out to talk about it?
What will happen to her and Shao Ming?
Oh, he really achieved his goal by talking blindly with his eyes open, and abruptly mixed her up with Shao Ming.
"Ding Yi, I think you are really crazy."
桑拿论坛From the time when Meng Qingzhong Company was almost sued, to the time when Zhou Zheng died in Li Xi, dozens of young girls experienced a catastrophe in fear that they would be destroyed for no reason.
At that time, she should have known that Ding Yi was really crazy.
"Yes, that’s right. I’m crazy. I’m not willing to let Meng Qinglong, but I can’t. Is it bad for me? What’s wrong with me?"
Ding Yi insisted on knowing whether the feelings in college were the purest and the best.
He lived in a dormitory with Gao Shenran University for four years. He likes her so much. Why can’t she share her feelings with him?
"Ding, you couldn’t do it one or two years ago. What do you expect to change two years later?"
Qu Jing asked Nai, "Ding Yi, you have brought Gao Shenran to trouble her. Two years ago, even if you worked hard, you had to come to D city alone. She gave up her favorite music and band because of you. Don’t you understand her attitude?"
Qujing asked and continued to be cruel. "Besides, she has Meng Qingzhong’s feelings for you now, and she won’t respond. Give it up, Ding Yi. You are everywhere."
Qujing asked if Ding Yi and Gao Shenran were really brothers and sisters. If they were others, she wouldn’t have broken her roots and rubbed them. She was not a very patient person to say these words today.
Ding Yi didn’t listen to the eyebrow eye. There was high morale everywhere, and he was bound to say, "The elder brother is my business, so leave me alone. I have my own discretion."
I was angry when I asked Qujing. "What’s your discretion? How big a deal are you going to make this time?"
"If I hadn’t covered Meng Qinglong’s eyeliner with something else, you Meng Qinglong’s people are vegetarian and can’t find you."
"Don’t underestimate young people. Young people only rely on their own ability to jointly develop Shiman into today’s scale and achievements. You will not only lose your age, but you can’t compare with his wrist and style."
With skill, background and intelligence, he still has a positive energy and pure kindness, which is very rare in today’s society. Gao Shenran will be attracted to him. It is conceivable that Qujing asked.
Ding Yi became more and more angry when he heard this. "Brother Yue, if you don’t want me, don’t talk so much nonsense."
"Pa" is another one. This time, Qujing asked if he could endure it and slapped Ding’s face.
"I’m talking nonsense," Qujing asked, laughing with anger. His whole body temperament even dyed his eyebrows with thick indifference. "If I weren’t lazy on your side, I would ignore you."
Who is that person who has been wipe his ass behind him?
In the end, I have the nerve to talk nonsense about others.
"Ding Yi, you are also a clever boy. Think about whether what you are doing now pushes Gao Shenran further away from you. Don’t you know her? What will happen to her if one day she learns that what you are doing is not intentional, but it is a dead person?"
Ding Yi seems to have faded as soon as he was deflated and reflected a little.
Qujing asked to stop talking and turned and strode out of Ding Yi’s office.
It was not until the ear was dull that Ding Yi looked up thoughtfully. He thought that he should not give up liking Gao Shenran easily.
Because Huang Tian’s corruption and bribery was exposed in person early in the morning, including some real evidence, it was also put on all the gates. Although Zheng Leshi cleaned it up later, it should have caused a sensation.
And then the paper media followed suit to render the report, which pushed Huang Tian to the forefront. There is also reliable news that Huang Tian was taken away by the disciplinary Committee early in the morning to assist in the investigation.
Things got out of hand, and Meng Qingzhuo let Zheng Le Kong Jiabao Huang Tian do something in the last six months.
But Meng Qing-long was not disappointed at all. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around is not the time.
"Come out, come out. Idealism says it’s just a cycle of retribution."
Early in the morning, I received a message from Yuchen that he was apologizing to Meng Qinglong. He said that he had given it to his opponent because of his incompetence, but it was all his fault to take the opportunity.
Meng Qingzhuo didn’t swear, and he wouldn’t blame anyone. To put it bluntly, Huang Tian did the evil himself. It is God’s will that they can protect themselves at will or not.
"Sorry, Long"
Yuchen always has a hard time. It’s not that Meng Qinglong said he would feel better if he didn’t blame him.
In fact, his right eye jumped from time to time early in the morning, and he always felt that Huang Tian was a lure, and there might be more tricks that he had not released.
What can be specific early in the morning, he thought it over carefully, and at the same time, he explained Xu Bin, Zheng Le and Xiaoyun, who were paying attention to the details of the company.
No, nothing happened when he sent a message to Meng Qinglong.
Meng Qingzhuo stretched out his hand to wipe Gao Shenran’s mouth. She had the last bite of soybean milk residue on her lips. Suddenly she neglected to clean it because of Yuchen’s words.
Gao Shenran was embarrassed, and her little face turned red and took a tissue to signal him to continue to obey her.
"No, this matter has been uncovered. Is there anything else?"
It doesn’t mean that he hung up Huang Tian and accompanied Gao Shenran shopping to buy clothes, which is the most important thing today.
"Long, do I have a bad feeling that you’re talking about this forever?"
Meng Qingzhuo raised his eyebrows and smiled to absorb the sun’s brilliance outside the window. A handsome face was full of positive energy.
"Get ready to take it. Why are you flustered? It’s not like your style."
Yu Chen’s thick eyebrows have not been stretched since early in the morning. At this time, because of Meng Qinglong’s open-minded attitude, his mood suddenly relaxed a lot.
"When will your company be waiting for you?" Let’s get down to business. Let’s just say it’s business, but it’s not urgent before.
Meng Qingzhuo squinted at the edge and Gao Shenran reached out and touched her delicate white skin.
"Don’t worry, you should go."
Words fell without giving Yu Chen a chance to talk nonsense again and decisively cut off the words.