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Gu Nanqing is his good buddy and his wife’s best friend here. Which side is he going to help? What a headache choice.

He expected to talk to Gu Nanqing on the phone yesterday, and he listened. There was no difficulty in Su Man.
"Su Man, she lives across the street. I can really rest assured if I go and see it." Lu You pushed his hand away and then walked to the opposite side.
Lin Mo Chennai followed Lu You behind him.
Lu sorrow raised his hand to ring the doorbell and there was a "ding dong" sound.
Sometimes it’s amazing to think about people and people.
品茶论坛  title=She came to Su Man before, but she didn’t know who was in the opposite room, and she never thought that she would be involved with the owner, Lin Mo Chen, and became husband and wife.
This says that God has arranged it himself.
Everything is fate.
Lu sorrow waited for a while and no one opened the door, then rang the doorbell again and frowned.
"Maybe Su Man came back and then had something to go out." Lin Mo-chen put her hands on her shoulders behind Lu You know that Su Man’s nature determines that she is very busy at work. You have worked as an assistant to Miss Shen. You should know their itinerary. Besides, Su Man is so adult that she doesn’t know how to protect herself? Don’t think too much about yourself. Let’s go. "
Lu sorrow didn’t wait for Su Man to open the door, and her heart rose with loss.
"I can’t believe I can’t find her when I call her." Lu You took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and entered Su Man’s number.
She just dialed out, and Su Man’s house was pushed away from the inside.
The door is wearing a red dress. Su Man cut her fashionable shoulder hair and then ironed it into that elegant and playful wave, which is very feminine with her charming face.
She is enchanting and moving with red roses in full bloom.
"Long journey to your home?" Lu sorrow hung up the phone and put it away before pulling her and looking at it carefully.
Lu sorrow eyes swept from her face and checked her exposed skin. It seemed that there was no scar, which made Lu sorrow’s hanging heart completely relaxed.
Su Man’s eyes crossed the land and fell behind her. "You moved across the street?"
"Let’s talk about this later." Lu You didn’t answer Su Man positively.
Su Man looked back and took Lu You’s hand and rushed to Lin Mo Chen. "I’m always sorry, I won’t entertain you first. I’ll borrow Lu You for a few minutes."
Then she pulled Lu You into the house, pulled the door and gave Lin Mo Chen the door.
Lin Mo-chen listened to the door "beep"-he frowned deeply and his eyes were deeply worried about Gu Nanqing and himself.
He simply turned around and went back to his home to ask Gu Nanqing what happened last night. When Lu You came back, he could also think of countermeasures.
It’s not as gullible as Lu’s sorrow to be clever.
Su Man dragged Lu’s sorrow into the room here and dragged it into the living room to let people go.
"Lu sorrow and don’t sit up and take notice for three days." Su Man sat on the sofa with sharp eyes. "I really underestimated you! Not long after I went abroad, did you break up with that bitch Chi Yiming and marry Lin Mo Chen so quickly? I haven’t recovered yet. Do you think you are really married? I want to hear the truth. "
Su Man was shocked when she learned yesterday that Lu You was Mrs. Lin Mo-chen at the engagement party. It was such a scene that she didn’t have a chance to ask Lu You deeply.
Lu sorrow sipped his lips and hesitated for a moment, then nodded, "Well, we are married …"
"The other party is the most expensive in Baijing City." Su Man didn’t know what to say. "How could he marry you? Are you acting? "
If it is acting, it is impossible for Lin Mo-chen, the two engagement parties in Chisong yesterday, to sacrifice his reputation and protect his landing worries. But if it is not acting, they are two people from all over the world. How can they get together?
Is it true that she is an actress but can’t see through them?
"We …" Lu sorrow knows that he is from Su Man. "He and I are fake married …"
Then Lu you told her about the marriage agreement with Lin Mochen.
Sue diffuse listened quietly until Lu sorrow had finished, and she didn’t hurry to speak, but held her chest and held her jaw in one hand and thought about it.
"I know you’ll think it’s incredible and I’m impulsive, but I really didn’t have any other way at that time and there was no better candidate," Lu You explained carefully with her lips pressed.
"Then do you believe what manager Lin says?" Su Man questioned her about Lu’s sad sight.
Lu You hesitated for a second and then nodded "I believe him"
"you have no reason not to believe him because of what he has given you, have you?" Su Man guessed right.
A man like Lin Mochen condescends to be so protective of landing worries, not only because she is his savior, but maybe he really wants a marriage, a marriage that seriously disappoints each other.
Even if Lin Mo-chen did it out of gratitude, to say the least.
His principle of being a man will not hurt Lu You, but who can make it clear afterwards?
Lin Mo-chen married Lu You so rashly without Lin’s permission.
Now the two engagement parties in Chi and Song Dynasties have revealed that Lin Mo-chen is married and has a wife, so Lin’s family will definitely know that the wind trouble may come soon.
"I’m sorry I didn’t have you when you needed me most," Su Man felt deeply guilty.
If she did, she would never allow such a thing to happen and let Lu You’s generation bet on happiness. But even if she did, would it matter? The other party is Lin Mochen.
"It’s a long time for you." Lu You shook his head and didn’t want Su Man to feel sorry for it. "Now that I have made such a decision, I have already thought about the road behind me. You really don’t worry about me. He is very kind to me. I think I trust him more than Chi Yiming. He said he wouldn’t hurt me and would protect me. I think he can do it because he is Lin Mo Chen."
"Yes, he is Lin Mochen, which can make one go to heaven or hell." Su Man has also heard of Lin Mochen’s shopping mall.
Lu sorrow took Su Man’s hand. "It’s a long time. If he is not good to me, then I will fulfill the contract and divorce with him after one year. Although the contract was torn by him, I can make another one."
"Little worry, can I say you are stupid?" Su Man sighed and pushed her forehead with her finger. "This woman is a rotten cabbage in fall in price after her divorce, and the man can be restored to a single aristocrat. The woman is rushing to marry and the woman is getting married. Since you are married with him, there is no way out now. You try your best to master Lin Mo-chen’s personality and heart, so that he can love you. A little worry can become a real one. Mrs. Lin is stronger than looking for someone. He can’t give you everything that other men can."
Judging from Lin Mo-chen’s tearing up the contract with Lu You, he is a man with a kind.
"Let him love me?" Lu you haven’t thought about such a profound problem.
She thinks this is a very challenging and difficult thing. How can she imagine what it would be like for Lin Mochen to love a woman?
"Yes, this is the only way to be happy." Su Man smiled. "It’s better to give up than fight."
Lu sorrow is silent, and she still lacks confidence in herself. She can’t find a reason for Lin Mo-chen to love her.
"Since Lin Mo-chen promised to marry you, there are naturally reasons why he loves his women so much, but he gave you an opportunity to get close to him and his world, so you should take it well." Su Man’s double worries about this game made people see it more thoroughly. "Now that Mrs. Lin has gone out to Lin’s house, you always have to face it. If you are so clever, you will be able to do it."
Maybe this is the best way and the ending is that they become a loving couple.
Let Lu You have Lin Mo Chen’s love is her biggest umbrella.
She also hopes that Lu You can regain happiness after Chi Yiming’s injury.
Lu sorrow finally nodded her head because she had no choice.
Just as Lin Mochen said, Try it and treat this marriage responsibly.
He believes that Lin Mo-chen can’t be as bad as Chi Yiming.
"Well, I’ve lent it to you long enough. Go back to your husband and don’t let him bully you." Su Man leaned over and took a sip of water from the coffee table cup. "I’m going out to do a show in a minute, and I’m flying to Europe. The play there is almost over, and then I’ll come back. Don’t think too much. Remember to call me as soon as I have something. Even if I’m not around, I want to know everything about you for the first time, even if I help you with your advice."
Lu sorrow moved to stretch out his hand to hug Sue diffuse and obedient.
"Oh, I’ve already told General Manager Gu about your work. You see, you sometimes go to him to report on it someday." Su Man suddenly remembered this matter and stopped and turned to Lu.
Lu sorrow heard Gu Nanqing three words finally remembered her coming to Sue Manmu.
She paused and turned back to sit again. "It’s been a long time. You left with Manager Gu last night. Are you okay?"
"What do you think will happen to me?" Sue diffuse gently against the soft pillow smile mei.