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It was a long time before he poked his head out and his romantic eyes flowed with faint pity.

The old village head immediately said, "Don’t be sad, OK? If your parents don’t love you and grandpa loves you, if you are unhappy here, then you can go to grandpa’s place and grandpa will fry you meat, okay? "
Gao Ze looked at him.
Nod gently. "I’m not sad. Go home. I don’t want to give you meat. Grandpa, I want to be quiet."
"But you have been hungry for a long time, even if you want to be quiet, you have to eat something first." The village chief took the old servant’s cup and handed him the water. "Drink some water. Grandpa told someone to make you some vegetables and go home to get some eggs."
Jing-jing han at this time in the corner to hear his grandfather said such a sentence should be a quickly ran home to get eggs.
Han Jingjing, a child from a poor family, has been cooking since he was very young. His parents rarely come back. They live in the city with their younger brothers and sisters. Han Jingjing takes care of his grandpa in the village. Although he is the village head, he is also the kind of person who has no oil and water to be greedy. Maybe his family will share a bigger piece of pork on holidays, but other than that, there is nothing special.
Han Jingjing ran home and picked out a few fresh eggs from a basket, and then ran back with the meat brought by the villagers and got into the kitchen to fry meat for Gao Ze.
Chapter 226 Han Jingjing vs Gao Ze
Jing-Jing Han fried the meat, but she was too greedy to eat it. She swallowed her saliva and walked into the hut with rice and meat.
The first time I ate meat was the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s almost half a year since now. She eats potatoes and cabbage every day and is as thin as a bamboo pole.
As soon as Han Jingjing entered the room, the smell of meat was overflowing. A dozen villagers moved their eyes, but they were very restrained. But at a glance, they turned their eyes away and advised Gao Ze to eat quickly.
The boy has not eaten for almost a day and a night.
品茶论坛Han Jingjing put rice and fried meat in front of Gao Ze’s eyes. There are no ingredients but some salt, some peppers and some meat, but this is the best food.
"Eat," she said softly to the boy in front of her.
Gao Ze frowned and looked at the pig food. The head was slightly tilted, and the expression was difficult. "I don’t eat it."
"This can’t be done, kid. You haven’t eaten for a day." Grandpa Han, the village head, held his hand and just pulled him up. Han Jingjing wondered how Grandpa pulled up a big man at this age.
Takazawa’s kindness is hard to refuse.
Chopsticks and rice were stirred and finally said with a bitter face, "Then I’ll eat the meat and I don’t want to look disgusting."
A dozen villagers looked at each other and thought, what good meat is this? Can’t you eat it on holidays? What did he say about disgusting? The simple villagers don’t know or know how the high young master leads a luxurious life in Beijing. He must have ten dishes, two soups, two desserts, nutritious juice and vegetable juice for every meal. He chooses and the dishes are all delicious and delicious. Looking at such simple fried meat, he really has no appetite and barely swallowed the rice. His expression is slightly disgusting.
The village chief saw that he was so tall, but he ate very little. He was afraid that he would be hungry and kept urging him to eat more. "The meat hasn’t been touched yet, son. Don’t wave. Eat more."
"Don’t eat no" Gao Ze lay back in the quilt and refused to touch the bowl of meat. In the next two months, Gao Ze will constantly recall what he didn’t eat at that time. What precious meat!
The bowl of meat was finally returned to the villager Han Jingjing, who sent the meat. It was a pity that the meat was taken away by the uncle and blinked.
Five days later.
Gao Ze adapted to the simple life in the countryside. He got up early and walked around the yard. It is said that it takes six hours to walk to the county. Gao Ze has no money and no motivation. His father doesn’t want him now. He is exiled here. His dignity supports him. Don’t bow his head and go home. Where can he go? Go to the county to get some money? But he is still a minor. What can he do when he goes to the city? Child labor is illegal, and it’s still six hours’ walk to believe that he will collapse and die before he is halfway, right?
He doesn’t want to die now. Even if the sadness is over, it’s too sad to get over it for the first time, and it’s hopeless for the second time. How can people live smoothly? Don’t find something to do? What is he doing here?
The old servant went to farm early. Gao Ze didn’t want to do it because it was too dirty and tired. He would rather walk around the yard to kill time.
Until noon, the old servant didn’t come back. Gao Ze couldn’t sit still. He was very hungry. He had been eating steamed potatoes for the past two days, and he was so constipated that he didn’t want to eat potatoes. However, he was so hungry that he could change his shoes and comb his hair casually and go to Han Jingjing’s house next door to eat.
At this time, the old village head was taking a nap in Han Jingjing’s courtyard to write about the winter vacation. Gao Ze got into the wooden door and smiled at Han Jingjing, a thin village girl, with a "grandpa’s house?"
In his eyes, Grandpa Han is his benefactor, and Han Jingjing is almost as dumb and quiet as a beggar. If it weren’t for Grandpa Han, he wouldn’t call her to her face. What if this local girl likes herself? It’s still a big trouble.
"Grandpa is asleep" Han Jingjing raised her head and answered questions.
"Oh …" Gao Ze light should touch the shriveled belly and want to take a step back. He stepped out again and went into the dilapidated cold house and said to Han Jingjing, "I’ll call grandpa up in my room."
"hey!" Han Jingjing got up and stopped him. "Grandpa has high blood pressure and must take a nap. Don’t disturb him."
Gao Ze’s steps are twisted. Looking back at ordinary times, how can this little girl be so clever at pressing keys like a mute? He looked at Han Jingjing for a long time and lowered his eyebrows. "Hey, do you have cabbage at home?"
He has eaten potatoes for two days and six times. I can’t stand it. He would rather eat cabbage than potatoes.
Han Jingjing didn’t speak.
Section 371
A moment later, Gao Ze ran into the kitchen and followed her in to see her. She cut out half a cabbage on a black chopping board. Gao Ze frowned and said, "Can’t you peel some for me when it’s so dirty?"
Han Jingjing stopped and looked at the cabbage that had been cut in half. She said, "But I have cut it and the cabbage needs washing before eating."
"All right, all right, whatever." Gao Ze waved his hand and caught a glimpse of the eggs in the wooden cabinet out of the corner of his eye. His eyes lit up and he went over to Han Jingjing behind him and said, "Hey, local girl, can I have two eggs?"
"That egg is for sale." Only when she sells the money can she learn to learn.
Gao Ze looked disdainful. "How much does an egg cost?"
"It depends on the situation. If it’s good, it’s three hairs, but if it’s bad, it’s two hairs."
"…" Gao Ze looked contemptuous. "Just two or three cents. Give me a few like this. How about I send the money back to you when I get home?"
Jing-Jing Han shook her head and looked honest. "No, this egg is for five aunts. She will come and get it at noon and can’t give it to you."
"Shit," Gao Ze gave a discontented cold face. "Can’t you tell her that you sold me two?"
Jing-Jing Han still shook his head.
Gao Ze frowned deeply. "Ah, I can’t tell you clearly with your head."
Han Jingjing ignored his words and handed him the cabbage in her hand. "Then this is the cabbage you want."
"Will you just bring it to me?" Gao Ze looks at her like a monster. How can he eat it if he gives it to him like this? Eat it raw?
Han Jingjing looked puzzled.