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Shuiyunjin vaguely heard someone knocking at the door outside. She woke up with a start, but she exclaimed that the white jade board had a close contact. She thought and looked at when she slept on the soft bed again and almost fell to the ground.

After repeated thinking, she finally remembered how she slept on the soft bed. Later, meditation really calmed her down, but when she was lying still, she couldn’t sleep. There was nothing she could do. She could abandon the bed and sleep on the soft bed for one night, and she didn’t know when to fall asleep. Anyway, it would make her head groggy.
"Miss, are you awake?" There was another sound outside.
"Come in." Shuiyunjin was hoarse and didn’t wake up. Even she got a fright.
The door should be opened. Zi Xia came in and saw Shuiyunjin lying on the soft couch. His eyes were also one leng, but he didn’t ask much, "Miss Huang invited you into the palace."
Shuiyunjin is confused again. "Isn’t the mother princess going to the Xuanguan Temple today? The emperor pushed me there first and I’ll go later."
"The princess said that she wouldn’t go today if she was injured," Zi Xia replied.
按摩"It’s just an arm that doesn’t hurt. Go and tell the mother princess to go today." Shuiyun Park was already awake at this moment.
"Miss, if Liar still stays in the house, she will even follow, and wouldn’t it be better if she didn’t go according to her kindness?" Zi Xia was not white
"Today, this bureau is for her and ZhuangGuiFei to set me up. If I don’t jump in, they may not think of any way to deal with me. It’s better to go and keep her in Lanwangfu for one more day." ShuiYunXi is to let them succeed.
"Handmaiden white handmaiden accompany miss go" Zi Xia before help ShuiYunXi.
After dressing, grooming and breakfast, Shuiyunjin led Zi Xia to the front yard.
"Yunjin won’t go today according to the mother princess’s meaning, and it’s not too late to go again when you’re healed." Princess Lan was a little distressed and tunnel.
"If no one sprinkles some hot soup again, what’s the matter?" Shuiyun Park smiled.
"It turned out that my wife was still angry with Palmers, but I really didn’t know that my wife was hurt and spilled hot soup. It was all palmers’ fault. Please don’t be angry. Besides, my cousin was so angry last night. It doesn’t mean that Palmers didn’t want to let people go out and were thrown out. This would also hurt the face of Lan Wangfu. Palmers begged her aunt to give it to Palmers in a few days and then she went back in a few days." Palmers was very sad to tunnel.
"Yunjin palmers have been wrong, and last night, no one thought that the mother princess couldn’t bear to blame palmers again, and she will go back in a few days." Princess Lan had some difficulty in opening the original suspection.i da had let Li Palmers go out of the house, but she couldn’t open her mouth to catch people, so it was difficult to catch Shuiyunjin.
"Go back to which ZhuangGuiFei there" ShuiYunXi looked at palmers eyebrow she didn’t think palmers would just go.
"The imperial concubine’s aunt meant that, but Palmers had no face to stay." Li Palmers’ sad appearance made people feel unbearable.
Shuiyunjin sneered, saying that she didn’t want to go. "Sometimes it’s not easy to leave completely when she comes completely."
Li palmers face a tight "wife what does this mean?"
"It doesn’t mean anything, just listen to it." Shuiyunjin picked his eyebrows at random.
Li palmers look dignified. She’s not sure what Shuiyunjin means.
Princess Lan looked at the two men and blinked. "It’s getting late. Let’s go early and return early."
The three men took the carriage and went to the general’s office to meet Gu Chenxi before they left the gate.
Four people sit in the carriage, and the water clouds and hibiscus look pale, so people can’t see what she is thinking. Princess Lan took the maid and handed it to me to cook tea and said nothing carefully.
Li Yaer always looks soft and quiet in front of people, but it will be very proud.
Gu Chenxi saw a circle and felt that the atmosphere was very depressed. She sat beside Shuiyun Park and they got very close.
"Why do you have to go out today and you are not afraid to touch your arm again?" Gu Chenxi was injured and didn’t stay at home.
"It’s better to come out for a walk when the house is idle." Shuiyun Park smiled.
Gu Chenxi suddenly said, "You and Arda haven’t made up."
"Your child is awkward and reconciled." Shuiyun Park is funny.
"What’s the matter with you, Yunxi? How can you not be at ease at all? Isn’t it your hope that you can coax them to make up again?" Gu Chenxi said with a serious eyebrow.
Shuiyunjin looked at Gu Chenxi so solemnly, and she nodded, "I know, I will coax."
Gu Chenxi this just nodded and told 1?
The carriage stopped and four people got into it in turn.
Xuanguan Temple is indeed an outstanding place. As soon as we got into the carriage, we saw a sea of people and incense flourishing, and everyone prayed devoutly.
A little novice monk said a few words to Princess Lan and led four people in.
The people in the hall are busy but not noisy.
Princess Lan bowed down to the statue of gold with the flow of people, saying something, and Gu Chenxi prayed properly.
"Why don’t my wives go to worship? I heard that all the rich families in the capital came here to beg their wives to marry into the Lanwang Palace for so long, but there is no good news. Anyway, I’m not embarrassed to be here today." From the time I arrived at the main hall, Li Yaer has been guarding Shuiyunjin for fear that she would run away.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and glanced at her. "I heard that isn’t this news that you went out? Today, the mother princess didn’t come here to bewitch your ear."
Li Yaer was slightly surprised and then smiled brightly like a flower. "His wife joked. If Palmers can compare their wives, there is no such thing as turning things around. It’s just something that can’t be done on the table."
"Finally, you don’t want to continue to play without me." Shuiyun Park raised her eyebrows slightly.
"Since you all know what’s coming after last night, I’m still afraid to come out in the pavilion." Li Yaer gloated that her face was more suitable for her than her usual reserved appearance.
"I just know that you will think so, and I can’t let you underestimate it." Shuiyunjin light way.
"Palmers really admire his wife’s heart and courage. It’s really unusual for an ordinary woman to have a real heart. Palmers really want to see more and learn more with her wife. Unfortunately, the imperial concubine’s aunt is really impatient, and I can feel wronged when I look at all the people holding my wife’s hands all day long." Li Palmers spread her shoulders as if she were very kooky.
"It’s really hard for you to keep your eyes hurt day by day, but what tricks do you really want to play today?" Shuiyunjin looked up and swept the hall.
"Don’t worry, my wife, it will let you know that Palmers is a woman in a boudoir who is not good at swords and doesn’t know how to calculate like the Duke of Water. Today, it’s just for everyone to watch a good show." Palmers looked at the corner of the hall.
"Then I’ll wipe my eyes." Shuiyun Park is faint.
Just as they were talking, Princess Lan and Gu Chenxi had already found a master to untie Princess Lan. Naturally, they asked if it was a family house and heir. At the moment, she saw that her face was tight and showed a little worried. It seems that the master who can escape to Qingyun had said something to her.
"Sister-in-law, let’s go and see my aunt, too. It seems that she is very angry." Li Yaer smiled at Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes narrowed for a moment before she lifted her feet.
Just a few days ago, I heard Princess Lan reprimand Master Qingyun in front of me. He is young and very clean. He sits in a proper manner except for his eyes constantly dodging when he speaks. He is really like a Taoist monk.
And Princess Lan has always been gentle and has never seen her angry and reprimanded. Today, this is her bottom line.
"Mother princess, what’s going on?" Shuiyun Park asked.
Princess Lan looked back at Shuiyunjin and swallowed back. "Let’s go back and don’t be cheated."
He said that he was going to leave with Shuiyun Park.
"Please stay here, this noble man." Master Qingyun came behind him.
Shuiyunjin knew that this was a shout and she knew that this was the drama arranged by Li Yaer today.
"Since you’re here, you will leave in a hurry. If you really leave today, I’m afraid you’ll regret it for life in the future." The sound behind you sounded again and attracted everyone in the hall to look at Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin listened to the whispers in the hall, and she stretched out her hand and took hold of Princess Lan’s feet.
"Yunjin, don’t listen to his rumors and confuse people. Let’s go." Gu Chenxi looked worried.
"Is it a myth to mislead people and listen to what he said? If he dares to talk nonsense, I will make him regret it for life." Shuiyunjin slowly turned around and looked directly at Master Qingyun.
At this time, the crowded hall has made a way for everyone to look back and forth with a curious look at Shuiyunjin and Qingyun Master.
Shuiyunjin ignored Princess Lan and Gu Chenxi’s concern about Li Yaer’s success and the curious look of everyone in the hall. She slowly walked forward "What did the master just want to say?"
Master Qingyun looked at her eyes calmly, and the momentum overflowed from her. Suddenly, he felt a sense of oppression. His heart trembled and his Adam’s apple moved, so he was calm. "The donor looks extraordinary and hits wealth. It must be a daughter’s body."
"This master is really accurate. My wife is really a valuable person," echoed Li Yaer.
"What is it?" Shui Yunjin didn’t look at Li Palmers and stared straight at Master Qingyun.
"From the donor’s face, because of the strange life, although it is destined to be destiny takes a hand," Master Qingyun shook his head and sighed tunnel.