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I beg you to stop pretending to be great, okay? I don’t want you to accompany me. I hate me and spit on you. Wake up. It’s all your wishful thinking. I will never love you. "

Said Yu Enze struggled to grab Qin Chenyi and took her from the ground and dragged her directly to the door. "You give me a horse and go. I don’t want to see you roll for me immediately."
"I don’t want to go, you dare to drive me away, I won’t let you be." Hot tears rolled down my cheeks. Qin Chen pushed her with Yu Enze. She still clung to the door frame and wouldn’t let go. "Su Lixia doesn’t love you anymore. She is someone else’s wife. There is nothing you want to make her sad.
She doesn’t care about you, you and her heart is nothing. You are purely sentimental. You two have already finished. "
"Shut up!" Yu Enze shook Qin Chen crazily. "I forbid you to say that about long summer."
"You don’t let me say I just want to say" Qin Chenyue said more and more angry and tried to get rid of Yu Enze "If you really love long summer, don’t feel sorry for yourself here. You should try to get her back. Marry a wife and watch her marry someone else.
You hide here, sad and desperate. Can she see it? Does she understand it? She can’t see it. She doesn’t understand it. There is no you in her heart. Don’t live a dream anymore, okay? "
"I don’t care if there is me in long summer’s heart. Anyway, I have her in my heart. What about my living dream? I am willing. I hope I can live in her dream forever. Get out of here." Decadent and sad Yu Enze refused to listen to Qin Chen’s words and pushed Qin Chen out of the door.
"Yu Enze, wake up for me." A loud slap hit Yu Enze on the left face.
Qin Chen looked at himself in surprise. The burning pain in his right hand spread from his palm. The fingertip was Yu Enze’s face.
The left face is on fire, and the mouth is full of fishy smell. Yu Enze suddenly became quiet, and there was astonishment in Laifeng’s eyes.
桑拿会所Tears blurred the line of sight, falling down and burning the cold face. Qin Chen approached Yu Enze step by step. "Yu Enze is so selfish. Why can you honestly tell the sky that you have Su Lixia in your heart and I can’t have you in my heart?"
A soft and fragile heart is really painful. Qin Chen’s hands caressed his heart and tears burst like a torrent. "Can you live in Su long summer’s dream? What about me? I can live in your dream. I am also willing. I don’t care if you have me in your heart. Anyway, I have you in my heart."
She suddenly lifted his face and forced him to look into her eyes. "Enze, do you know how painful my heart is every time I see you lose your mind because of Su Lixia? It’s like someone is cutting my flesh inch by inch with a knife and drinking my blood."
Su Lixia, she is a demon. She took away your love, trampled on your heart, and finally abandoned you with affection, and she still has to be dead set on her.
Don’t fool yourself, can you? You and Su Lixia are impossible. You can’t pursue a happiness that belongs to you. It’s meaningless. She won’t marry you for life. It’s not worth her sacrifice. She doesn’t deserve it. "
"Qin Chen, you put your mouth clean for me." Qin Chen repeatedly accused long summer that Yu Enze had been forbearing. He suddenly grabbed Qin Chen’s neck when he reached the corner. "I warn you again, don’t insult me, long summer."
"I didn’t insult her. I told the truth." Qin Chen was afraid and stubbornly refuted him. "She is a selfish and hypocritical woman. She doesn’t deserve you."
The blood in my body seemed to boil in an instant and burst into flames at the top of my head, and I was so angry that Yu Enze quickly raised his hand but was still in the air, facing Qin Chen’s face.
"Why do you want to hit me?" Qin Chen stared at Yu Enze, who was full of anger. "Well, you can hit me. Even if you kill me, I will say that Su Lixia just doesn’t deserve you. Does she deserve you or not?"
"You" Yu Enze’s lungs will explode with anger. He will be speechless for a second. He laughs inexplicably, and his laughter is extremely calm and S-curve. "Well, you don’t go, I will go." After that, he rushed out of the door with a step.
In the dark night, Yu Enze ran wildly and the cold wind roared past like a sharp ridicule, ridiculing how ridiculous it was that he lost in this emotion.
Yu Enze running all the way is getting faster and faster, getting older and faster. He can’t see anything, and he can’t hear anything except darkness. The world is dead and silent. Suddenly, a truck gallops and he falls into a pool of blood.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Don’t give up
Panicked, Qin Chen looked at lying in the ambulance bed and was rushed into the operating room by the medical staff. Yu Enze was covered with bright red blood, and his breathing became difficult.
Pale as a sheet, Qin Chen burst into tears. She couldn’t stop. The chaotic steps followed Yu Enze all the time. She clenched his hand and called to him over and over again, "Enze, you must hold on. Enze"
Soon at the door of the operating room, a doctor named Ye Simiao stopped Qin Chen. "This lady, you can’t go in. Please wait outside quietly."
My heart is beating fast. Qin Chen struggled to hold Ye Simiao’s arm and suddenly "boom" knelt down and begged, "Doctor, I beg you, you must let me be safe."
Enze is more important than my life. I want you to make him safe. I am willing to pay whatever price you make me pay. You must make him safe. I beg you. "
Ye Simiao quickly picked up Qin Chen, sobbing. "Don’t do this. Get up first and we will try our best to treat that gentleman."
The operating room door was so heartbroken that Qin Chen punched the cold wall. How much she regretted that she didn’t stop Yu Enze immediately.
She hates her selfishness and sex. She knows that Yu Enze lost his mind because of long summer’s grief. She can’t be more considerate. Instead, she will say something to stimulate him in anger with him.
If she had tried to stop Yu Enze at that time, maybe Yu Enze wouldn’t have rushed out in the middle of the night, and there wouldn’t have been a car accident. She killed Yu Enze. It’s all her fault
Self-reproach and remorse Qin Chen severely beat the hard wall, and the slender and tender fingers were instantly bloody, but she didn’t feel any pain and wanted to kill herself. If anything happens to Yu Enze, she didn’t want to live.
The long wait finally passed, and the lights went out in the operating room. After the operation, Yu Enze lay unconscious in the ambulance bed and was slowly pushed into the first-class ward by the medical staff.